Gelid 4D Cryotherapy


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Why Choose Freeze Gelid Cryotherapy
Maximum Profitability

  1.  100% Surrounding cooling applicator instead of 40% cooling plates on two sides of the traditional
  2. Up to 4 applicators treated simultaneously allows maximum flexibility and effects
  3. Complete body remodeling by various shapes and sizes of applicators
  4. Shorten treatment time by half: 35 mins only

Maximum safety

  1. Temperature deviation accurate to 0.1°C
  2. Unique thermal and chill operation system, minimum reduce the risk of frostbite
  3. The unified precise cooling temperature on both applicator and host
  4. The double temperature control system provides double protection

Maximum Results
1. 4D Cooling approach ensures excellent cry lipolysis performance
2. 60% More fat treated in same cup size compared with typical cry lipolysis devices
3. 25% to 30% Permeant fat reduction in a single session

Product Description
4D Cooling Handpiece

  • The treating area is 100% frozen in full area, instead of common frozen are 40% area.
  • Innovative all-dimension surrounding cooling applicators maintain more stable cooling temperatures
    while enhancing treatment results and decreasing application time.
  • Only 35 to 45 mins time each treatment needed instead of 60 mins. Save about half treatment time to
    treat more customers.

Double Temperature control systems

  • General Control System ensures accurate temperature on the machine.
  • Terminal temperature control system delivers safe cooling energy to the tissue according to real-time
    the temperature on the treated skin.
  • Both systems work perfectly complement each other, Maximized ensure safety and high-efficiency cry
    lipolysis treatment.


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