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Carboxytherapy Light Machine-Heated CO2 Gas

Carboxytherapy Equipment displays the most revolutionary portable light device with professional protocols. The machine allows Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) application subcutaneously with higher temperatures, achieving amazing results in body and facial treatments against cellulite, corpulence, and adiposity reducing considerably the pain and burning sensation with regular cold gas. Use the handpiece to inject with heated CO2 gas.

The latest technology in heat System Portable Carboxytherapy Machine.

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgery method that consists of the therapeutic use of carbon dioxide gas by subcutaneous administration, which can stimulate the local metabolism to start the elimination of the toxins and also activate the lipolysis process. The carboxytherapy treatment can help with the slimming and reduction of cellulite faster than ever.


The benefits of the machine are:

ㆍEasy to control the strength of application to various parts of the body due to the various pre-programmed parts of the body.

ㆍMinimizes pain by warming up the Carboxy gas.

ㆍFull touch screen operation.

ㆍManual continuous infusion and an automatic continuous infusion is available.

ㆍFoot switch easy and safe to use for

ㆍApplying a 3-way infusive way and using a filter.

Advantages of Carbon Dioxide Therapy

ㆍCO2 gas is safe and used in various kinds of carbonated beverages, and the same gas for laparoscopy is used for this Carbon Dioxide Therapy.

ㆍIt is a very fast and painless treatment applied through the carboxy machine and users can enjoy its benefits right away.

ㆍThis Treatment is available for the various body parts, and your clients are able to return to regular daily tasks and work without having to go under Anesthesia or costly medical surgeries.

ㆍSay goodbye to bruising after injections, with the latest technology in injection the system will minimize the bruising do to the compressing of the Co2 gas and injecting it directly into the treatment area.

ㆍCo2 Gas is very effective for stretch marks and sagging skin. The way it works is that it helps with increasing the elasticity and collagen to help tighten and minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

ㆍCorboxy has a synergy effect if it is applied with other methods for removing regional fat.


ㆍCellulite Reduction

ㆍLocalized Fat & Weight reduction without liposuction

ㆍLiposuction complementary solution to clear pending irregularities

ㆍStretch marks-Acne scars & Skin laxity

ㆍSkin ulcers

ㆍWrinkles reduction


Voltage:  110 or 220 VAC.  Please indicate what voltage is needed.

Energy: 11W

CO2 Pressure: 0-83 kg / cm2.


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