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What is the Micro X2?

RF MicroNeedling is the new gold standard for treating most types of acne scars, resurfacing skin of color, and tightening and firming aging skin that’s lost its youthful bounce

Sometimes also called RadioFrequency MicroNeedling, or Fractional RadioFrequency, RF MicroNeedling concentrates its energy into the most important part of the skin that is responsible for the textural irregularities and skin’s firmness and elasticity. By protecting the surface layer of the skin from heat energy, the risk of a pigmentation change in the skin of color is eliminated, and the downtime is truly minimized

Technical Specifications

Our Machine uses a technology known as fractional radiofrequency or RF micro-needling. The device makes use of specially designed micro-needles that are insulated except for 0.3 mm at the end of the tips where it emits the RF energy. The insulation means that the surrounding skin is not damaged by RF energy, up the length of the needle, and the energy is delivered and targeted only at the tip, thus protecting the epidermal layers of the skin. The needles are quite thin – thinner than a normal 32 Gauge needle that is popularly used with cosmetic injectables. They are arranged in an array of 49.

How does Fractional Radio Frequency Works

RF MicroNeedling uses very tiny microneedles (smaller than the diameter of a hair) to deliver safe radiofrequency energy into the deeper layer of the skin where collagen and elastin fibers form support structures. The polarity of the energy emitted creates arcs of energy between the microneedles, delivering energy below the skin’s surface to remodel the skin without the visible top-layer downtime of previous technologies. Our machine offers several settings for depth, intensity, and a number of microneedles, which allows each system to provide a variety of treatments, customized to the individual.

By delivering the majority of the energy to the mid-level dermis, RF MicroNeedling targets the skin’s underlying support system of collagen fibers and restructures any areas that have damage due to acne scarring. Rebuilding the skin’s support system allows the epidermis, the top-most layer of the skin, to be smooth and strong. This is this as similar to rebuilding a cracked foundation in a house, allowing all of the layers above that foundation to be stronger, stabilized, and in their proper place. In the skin, this often means replacing the support “holes” in the dermis, which cause sunken-in scars, like an ice pick and boxcar scars to form.

What are the benefits?

  • Rejuvenates
  • Shrinks pores
  • Activate Collagen
  • Removal of Stretch Marks
  • Lifting & Tightening


Includes 4 different needles

  • 10 pins
  • 25 pins
  • 64 Pins
  • 1 Nanoneedle

Additional needles sold separately.

Note: It does not include the trolley. This can be purchased separately.

Microscopic silicon needles 1/3 thickness of hair


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