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What is SPA-SW-7?

  • Physical shock wave machine for body massage/pain therapy SPA-SW-7
  • Apply features of the soundwave, frequency 1-16Hz, enable to reach 8 cm subcutaneously, to apply on Periosteal and create heat, the instant temperature reach to 43ºC, at the same time, improve blood circulation.
  • Increasing frequency affects the depth of wave penetration (as lower frequency waves travel further than higher frequency waves). As can be seen below high-frequency waves travel less distance (below are depictions of different wave frequencies on a gold film)

Shock wave work therapy:

A shockwave is defined as a wave with a rapid increase of pressure within a very short time and then having a gradual decrease of pressure with a small negative pressure phase. Shockwave is aimed at the affected areas that are the source of chronic pain. The influence of the shockwaves causes the dissolution of calcium deposits and leads to better vascularization. The after-effect is relief from the pain.


Shock Wave Fields of application

  • ·Physiotherapy
  • ·Orthopedics
  • ·Sports injuries
  • ·Aesthetic medicine
  • Shock Wave Benefits
  • The success rate of 80%
  • Non-surgical and drug-free
  • Non-invasive
  • No risk of infection
  • Faster and easier healing
  • Reduce expenses
  • Radial shockwave effects fall into three broad categories:
  • Destruction of tissue
  • Healing (increased)
  • Decrease of pain


  • Although the settings of the machines vary for each type of effect required, a description of these settings can be seen here, each shock wave will have some of each of these effects around each wave i.e. a shockwave at the highest settings (to create damage) will always have an area around the wave where there will be less energy and hence some of the other effects. An example of this can be seen in the positive part of the radial shockwave below:
  • Imagine red is the area of energy that will create damage. This area goes from the bottom of the shock to the top as a column damaging everything in its the way. Around this column is an area of less energy, seen in green, which would be of a dosage able to create healing. There would also be an area, shown in blue, of much less energy able to decrease pain. There is also an area where the wave force would decrease above the area of damage (the energy can’t continue forever) which in turn would have healing or pain-relieving effects. It needs to be remembered that the effects happen at high to low energy levels i.e. high levels = damage + healing + pain relief. Middle levels = healing + pain relief.

Treatment areas

1. Tennis elbow: Painful inflammation of the tendon attachment on the lateral elbow

2. Shoulder pain with or without calcification: Painful limitation of shoulder movement

3. Golfer’s elbow: Painful inflammation of the tendon attachment on the medial elbow

4. Bursitis trochanteric: Painful periostitis of the hip

5. Patella tip syndrome: Inflammation of the tibial edge due to excessive strain

6. Tibial edge syndrome: Inflammation of the tibial edge due to excessive strain

7. Achillodynia: Painful irritation of the Achilles tendon

8. Painful heel: Painful, mostly chronic inflammation of the heel

9. Inflammation of the tendon attachment: Painful inflammation of tendon attachments due to overexertion or improper strain,or due to degenerative processes

10. Acupuncture points: Pain therapy through that treatment of acupuncture points

11. Painful trigger points: Acute and chronic pain in the back,shoulder,neck,etc.due to permanently shortened and thickened muscles


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