SLIM Sclupt



Slim Sculpt


Combines Several Technologies To Treat The Buttocks, Hips, Upper Arms, Saddle Bags, And Parts Of The Thigh.


Uses Radio-Frequency Energy, Light, Vacuum, And Mechanical Rollers. The Goal Is To Break Down Tissue Fat By Heat So The Fat Can Be Eliminated Naturally By The Body. The Vacuum Pulls Up The Skin And The Rollers Knead The Area To Facilitate The Process. The Result Is A Smaller Circumference And Smoother Skin In The Treated Area. It Will Feels Like A Warm, Gentle Massage As The Applicator Passes Over Your Target Area. You May Feel An Occasional Pinch During Treatment.


Cavitation Benefits

Cavitation Is An Ultrasound At A Very High Frequency That Produces Heat And Vibration. This Vibration – 40,000 Times Per Second – In Combination With Heat, Makes The Fat Cells Move And Dissolve For Easy Elimination Through The Lymphatic System. To Aide This Elimination, It Is Important To Perform Lymphatic Massage To Force The Toxins To Be Eliminated From The Body With The Vela Vacuum Therapy.




Most Clients Experience A Reduction In The Circumference Of The Treated Area After The First Session, With Increasing Results After Each Visit – But Especially After The Third Treatment And Onward. As With Any Treatment, The Results May Vary From Person To Person Depending On Age, Tissue Structure, Treatment Area, Individual Metabolism, Current Medications, And Changes In Hormones. Maintaining A Proper Diet And Increased Physical Activity Will Certainly Improve And Help To Maintain The Results.


Results Will Continue To Improve For Several Weeks Following The Last Treatment Session. The Body Will Continue To Metabolize Fat For Up To Twelve Weeks Which Means That For Most People The Loss Can Be Permanent. This Procedure Will Also Leave Your Skin Firmer And Smoother Looking Than Before.


Customer Service And Technical Support In The USA!

1 Year Warranty On All Components

User Manual In English


This Slim Device Employs Four Technologies Including Infrared, Bipolar RF, Vacuum, Massage Mechanism.

1. Infrared Light (IR) Heats The Tissue Up To 5mm Depth.

2. Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) Heats Tissue From 2 To 20mm Depth.

3. Vacuum + Massage Mechanism Accelerate Blood Circulation And Increase Blood Flow, So As To Drain The Excessive Water And Body Waste.

4. 40kHz Focused Ultrasound Cavitation Effect, To Cause Tons Of Microscopic Air Bubbles To Surround The Lipocyte (Fat Cell) Membranes And With Its Resonant Frequency, The Bubbles Cause A High Enough Pressure To Cause The Fat Cells To Break Up Instantly.


Description Ultrasound Cavitation

Voltage 220-240V/50Hz,  100-130V/60Hz

Input Power 750VA

Working Mode Pulse

Pulse Width 1s-9s

LCD Screen 10.4 / 8″ Chromatic Screen

Handpiece Screen 1: 2.4inch + 2: 1.9inch

Safety Checking Real-Time On-Line


Handpiece: 5pcs

1. Big Vacuum+Massage+Infrared Light For Body * 1

2. Small Vacuum+Massage+Infrared Light For Arm, Leg * 1

3. RF (Infrared Light) For Face * 1

4. RF (Infrared Light) For Eye * 1

5. 40KHz Cavitation For Body * 1

Treatment Area 4*7mm, 8*25mm, 30*50mm, 40*60mm


Negative Pressure

1. Absolute Value: 80kPa -10kPa (60.8cmHg-7.6cmHg)

2. Relative Value: 20kPa -90kPa (15.2cmHg-68.4cmHg)


Roller Working Mode 4 Types

Rev Of Roller 0-36 Rpm

RF Frequency 1-5MHz

RF Energy Density Yes

Laser Wavelength 940nm

Laser Power MAX 20W

Cavitation 40Khz


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