1.       General Warranty Terms

NEC Royal Beauty LLC, guarantees all Goods will perform as advertised on the individual description for each item.  Unless otherwise stated in the item description, all NEC Royal Beauty LLC Goods have a one (1) year limited warranty, which begins from the date of shipment from NEC Royal Beauty LLC to Buyer. If the Goods break due to a defect with the Goods during this time period, NEC Royal Beauty LLC will send a replacement part to Buyer to remedy the defect free of charge.  In the rare event an item is delivered to Buyer with missing parts, SpasRus will supply Buyer with the missing parts within 48 hours of receiving notice from Buyer regarding which parts are missing.

If damage occurred to the Goods during shipment, Buyer must notify NEC Royal Beauty LLC within 24 hours of receipt or the Goods.  If damage is visible upon delivery, Buyer must refuse shipment and contact NEC Royal Beauty LLC at the phone number or email identified above.

NEC Royal Beauty LLC electronic appliances, including but not limited to IPL, SHR, YAG, SHR, Cavitation, Vacuum, RF, Carboxytherapy, Hydra Dermabrasion Machines and HIFU, Shockwaves, Cryotherapy are covered by this one (1) year limited warranty.  This warranty does not include replacement bulbs, lamps, any glass pieces, cables, cards, consumables such as filters, YAG, SHR, IPL, DIODE, RF and Fractional laser handle pieces, nor does it cover normal wear-and-tear as determined by the technical guidelines of SpasRus.

The handle pieces for the IPL, SHR Goods have a life time of 100,000 shots for IPL and 300,000 shots for SHR. Once a handle piece has exceeded the allowed number of shots, the Buyer is responsible for purchasing a replacement hand piece, regardless of whether or not replacement is necessary before the one year warranty period expires. If Buyer purchases the handle piece from a source other than NEC Royal Beauty LLC, this Warranty is automatically voided.

Warranty coverage only covers Goods operated within the boundaries of the continental United States.  Goods taken out of the United States will not be eligible for repair and may only receive replacement parts. Replacement parts for Goods taken out of the continental United States will only be sent to an address located in the continental United States.

If Buyer receives Goods that do not conform NEC Royal Beauty LLC’ guarantee, Buyer must report the non-conformance within 72 hours of receiving the item. In its sole discretion, NEC Royal Beauty LLC may rectify the non-conformance by repair or replacement of parts, or replacement of the entire Good. Correction of any issue identified by the Buyer shall constitute fulfillment of all liabilities of NEC Royal Beauty LLC in regards to the quality and advertisement of the products.

g )     The Extended warranty is sold separately. Please contact NEC Royal Beauty LLC to request this additional Service. This extended warranty can only be purchased within 30 Days of receiving the item. After the 30 days the machine automatically falls into the General Warranty Terms. The Extended warranty only Covers Hand pieces for Elight, Intense Pulsed Light , SHR- Super Skin Rejuvenation, SSR – Super Skin Rejuvenation, Diode Laser Bars, Hydra Facials, Radiofrequency, Vacuum Rollers.

2.       Warranty Exclusions

This Warranty does not cover damage to the Goods caused by improper use, accident, modification by Buyer, unsuitable physical or operating environment, natural disasters, incorrect power supply use or line wiring, power spikes, power surges, lightening, static electricity, radio waves, mishandling or tampering with the Goods, or improper maintenance of the Goods.

Damage caused by modification of the Goods by Buyer or inappropriate or untrained use by the Buyer, its employees, agents or contractors will void the warranty.

NEC Royal Beauty LLC will not be responsible for any lost revenue due to downtime required for repair or replacement of the Goods.

Any Hand pieces, accessories, filters, cables, pedals, hydra tips or any consumable parts of any of our machines are not Cover under this warranty unless the Extended warranty has been purchased separately. Products that are consumables are not covered by this policy.

3.       Repair of the Goods

If adjustment or repair of the Goods is required, Buyer must contact NEC Royal Beauty LLC as soon as possible to notify NEC Royal Beauty LLC of the repair needed.  Buyer must provide NEC Royal Beauty LLC with information regarding the Goods, including model number, serial number, a copy of original purchase documents, and a description of the problem with the Goods.

Goods needing repair must be returned to and repaired by Authorized Technicians only. Before shipping the Goods for repair, Buyer must obtain a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) from NEC Royal Beauty LLC. The Goods should be shipped in their original transportation box; failure to do so may delay repairs and credits and may even result in the Goods being sent back to the Buyer.

If repair is approved by NEC Royal Beauty LLC, the unit will be shipped by the Buyer to a designated Approved Repair Center (“ARC”) according to the instructions provided by NEC Royal Beauty LLC. Once the system is delivered to the ARC, it will be inspected, repaired as needed, tested, and returned via standard shipping to the Buyer. The buyer should pay for shipping costs.

4.       Service after Warranty Expiration

After the warranty expiration date, Buyer may still contact NEC Royal Beauty LLC for repairs and replacement parts. However, Buyer will be charged for replacement parts and a fee for labor. Buyer is also responsible for any fees and charges associated with shipment of the Goods to and from SpasRus for any necessary repairs.

B.                 RETURN PROCEDURES

Return of any Goods purchased from NEC Royal Beauty LLC will only be accepted and allowed within fourteen (14) days of the date Buyer receives the Goods.

1.       In order to return the Goods, the following conditions must be met:

a)       The Goods must be in brand-new condition. In order to receive a refund, the Goods must be returned in brand-new condition, never having been used or operated. If the Goods are in brand-new condition, a restocking fee of 15% of final price will be charged to Buyer and 85% of the original purchase price will be refunded to Buyer.  If the Goods are not in brand-new condition and show signs or use or wear and tear, no refund will be issued and only the one-year warranty will apply.

b)       The Goods must be returned in the original packaging. Save the original packaging after opening. No refund will be issued of the Goods are returned without the original factory packaging.

c)       The Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.  The Buyer will be responsible for any and all fees and costs related to shipping the item to NEC Royal Beauty LLC’ service & returns department. Fees and costs associated with returning the Goods will not be reimbursed by NEC Royal Beauty LLC

2.       Steps to return Goods to NEC Royal Beauty LLC:

Call or email SpasRus to notify us that the Goods are being returned.  Please provide a detailed explanation of the reason for return.

Obtain a SpasRus Return Authorization Form from a NEC Royal Beauty LLC representative.

Print and fill out the SpasRus Return Authorization Form and include it in the box with your return merchandise.

Place the Goods in the original factory packaging and seal the box.

Ship the Goods to SpasRus at the address below using the carrier of your choice.  Buyer is responsible for all return shipping charges and fees.

3.       Insuring the Return Shipment

NEC Royal Beauty LLC strongly recommends that Buyer purchase insurance for the return shipment and use a reputable carrier. Upon return, if there is any damage to the Goods, NEC Royal Beauty LLC reserves the right to refuse refund, or to assess Buyer a restocking/repair fee of 30% of the purchase price to be subtracted from your return amount.  NEC Royal Beauty LLC will not be responsible for damage during return shipment. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to file a damage claim with their chosen carrier.

4.       Action by NEC Royal Beauty LLC upon receipt of Returned Goods

Upon receipt of the returned Goods, NEC Royal Beauty LLC will inspect the Goods to ensure all parts are included and the condition is like-new. Upon verification NEC Royal Beauty LLC will issue an 85% full refund of Buyer’s purchase price. All refunds are applied to the same payment method used in the original purchase.